Do not Feel Pessimistic if You Are Different with Others


Have you ever feel pessimistic in your life? What do you feel when your heart belongs to it? Of course, this is gonna be something terrible because we cannot do something right. Sometimes, we also blame ourselves because we cannot be like the other else.

Remove the bad thought because we should be proud whenever we are different with others. This is gonna be our foundation to run our lives. We can say that as uniqueness. When we have it, you must be proud.

True Experience

Regarding my experience, I have been so different with others since I was a child. Sometimes, I pretend to be like someone else but it makes me uncomfortable. I did it because I want to blend with other people nearest me especially to get some friends.

Time goes by, I think I cannot be like the other. I do not care if I do not have friends or maybe they call me as a loser. I just did it on my own.

One day, I know that this is the best thing in my life because when I do something. I would think out of the box where it cannot be thought even by million people. I am running a business where it can be said as unlogical but it gives me decent money.

Be Proud of Yourself

If you feel that you are similar to me then you must be proud. Sometimes, people get difficulties when they try to differentiate their mind to other people but if you can think once then it is gonna be something original. That is your advantages. Do not ever you blame yourself because you cannot follow the water.

To be honest, if we want to the success we must think different with others. This can be a good parameter to you if you are starting a business or even working in a company. However, it can be something terrible if all the people cannot accept your view. Do not be so pessimistic. All you need to do is to keep being yourself and you will know the future is.


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